10 Gadgets for CEOs on the Go:

Get Productive and Multitask!

CEOs are busy people. They have to travel, brainstorm with employees and customers, and manage the day-to-day operations of their company. As a result, they need gadgets that will help them stay productive when they’re on the go! This is an article that lists 10 innovative gadgets designed specifically for business executives who want to remain productive no matter where in the world they are. These 10 products given by Rfonexus cover a wide range of functions including laptop accessories, mobile tech gear, scanners, organizers and more!

The 10 gadgets include a wireless computer mouse, laptop sleeve with USB port, mobile storage drive case, etc. They are both helpful to have as well as stylish to use in professional settings. In addition, this article includes resources that provide links to each of these products so that professionals can find out more about them before making any purchases. It’s also an opportunity for readers who want or need one of these devices themselves but don’t know where they would be able to purchase it from. This is just another way to help busy business executives stay sane and productive in today’s fast-paced world.

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  • Laptop Accessories
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Some gadgets for CEOs on the go are:

Wireless mouse

A wireless computer mouse that is compatible with Mac and PC computers so they can use it in any setting.

Laptop Accessories

A laptop sleeve with a USB port to charge their mobile devices while traveling without taking up room in their bag. This also makes it easier to pack because one less charger fits into the luggage!


The ScanSnap S1500M, an all-in-one document scanner for scanning both paper documents like receipts or business cards as well as digital files from a flash drive or memory card at lightning speed. For those who need access to large quantities of information, this device will be indispensable! It even has optical character recognition software built right in which means they don’t have to key in any data that they scanned.

A mobile storage drive case which is a great way to store 10 of these gadgets in one container. These devices can also be used as an external hard drive when plugging it into any computer, so business professionals will never have to worry about their files being lost again!

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad Air with Retina display for those who need the ultimate tablet experience on the go. This device has over 10 million apps available for it and works seamlessly with other Apple products like iPhones or Mac computers. It’s perfect for video conferences while traveling because they can use Facetime on this gadget too! It’s even waterproof, which means they don’t have to worry if this falls out of their hands during travel either.

10″ touchscreen display device 

An organizer with a 10″ touchscreen display and 10GB of memory so busy executives can store documents, presentations, files, photos or videos on it for easy access when traveling. This device also has the ability to print wirelessly from anywhere within range! It could come in handy if someone wants to make sure their meeting notes are printed out before heading into an important boardroom discussion.

We hope these 10 gadgets for CEOs on the go have helped you find what you’re looking for. If not, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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