10 Useful Blog Tools for Writers

Everyone knows that blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and expertise with the world. Blogging can also be very time consuming without 10 useful blog tools for writers! This post provides 10 blog gadgets, including new features from Google Drive, WordPress, and Buffer to help you write content more efficiently.

Of course, the 10 tools are:

  • Google Drive
  • WordPress
  • Buffer
  • Evernote Scannable (for content research)
  • Grammarly Premium (to edit your blog posts)
  • Huxley Writing Software (to organize and plan articles 10x faster!)
  • Quip (or a comparable writing app to collaborate with others on your content efficiently)
  • or Adobe Spark Design CC

apps for making visually appealing images/infographics that will entice readers to click through on links in the post; Boomerang Calendar Lite as a reminder of important deadlines and Nozbe for keeping track of all tasks at hand.

I) Tool # 1: Huxley Writing Software

Huxley is a 10x faster tool for organizing and planning articles. The app has two modes, the “Planning” mode to organize your content in an outline structure with just one click of a button or “Storyboarding” to flesh out ideas as you go (which can be synced via Dropbox). You can also use it without ever leaving WordPress!

II) Tool # 2: Quip or a Comparable Writing App 

Quip is an easy way to collaborate with your team. You can save drafts in the app and everyone will be able to edit them simultaneously without having to worry about overwriting each other’s work. It also allows you to comment on all revisions which makes it very efficient! The best part of using this tool? There’s no need for file sharing because everything stays within one unified platform

III) Tool # 3: Boomerang Calendar Lite 

Boomerang Calendar Lite is a 10-minute project that you can use to remind yourself of important deadlines. The app will send notifications for the day and time your event starts, as well as reminders before it’s about to happen so you don’t forget! It also has clever features like repeating events or sending alerts when an event overlaps with another (such as two different TV shows on different channels). Nozbe offers users a way to keep track of all tasks at hand via email, calendar integration, task management software or mobile apps plus integrations with Dropbox and Slack.

IV) Tool #4 : or Adobe Spark Design CC

Canva provides powerful design tools for making visually appealing images/infographics for your blog post. You can drag and drop images from Google or search for them on the web, add text to it, customize different aspects of the image such as color and font styles (or even change a background) and download/export it with just one click! Adobe Spark Design CC is an alternative option that comes with 10 templates preloaded plus other fonts, shapes, patterns etc., which makes content creation 10x faster experimenting with different designs before choosing what you like best!

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