Keep Your Employees Productive with the Latest Gadgets

Productivity can be a tough thing to maintain. For employees that work from home or in the office, it’s hard to stay on task and avoid distractions. Keep your employees productive with these gadgets! For more information, click

Microsoft Surface Pro

This tablet computer has an Intel Core i series processor for processing power, as well as a high resolution 12″ display screen which makes working easier due to its larger workspace area when compared to other tablets. The pen input paired with this device also provides excellent precision while drawing up plans and taking notes, making it perfect for business meetings where you need the best tools at hand. And because of Windows operating system compatibility across different devices (phones, laptops), documents are always available no matter what type of gadget is used.


Keep track of your fitness and health data on the go with this sleek band that tracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled, flights of stairs climbed (and more). The app can be used to share progress through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter if you want others in your network to know how well you’re doing! With a variety of different colors available as well as affordable models at an array of price points from low cost ($79) all the way up to high end ($250), there is something for everyone here.

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad

This wireless charging mat provides fast charge speeds so even those who use their phone frequently won’t have any worries about running out of battery. Keep your employees productive with these gadgets!

Google Home

This device is a speaker that can answer questions, tell you the weather forecast, set alarms and timers, manage music playback on any of your devices in addition to providing personalized updates about things like news headlines and daily activities. It’ll also work as an alarm clock or kitchen timer when it’s plugged into power outlets perfect for those who need reminders from time to time!

Spiderpodium Tablet Stand

For those whose desk space looks more cluttered than clean, this stand provides their tablet computer somewhere sturdy to sit while they type away at their keyboard so important documents don’t get disturbed by anything else on the table. The range of products available here (from low cost to high end) provides a great way for your employees to find the perfect fit!

11″ MacBook Air

Keep your employees productive with this lightweight laptop that has an excellent portability factor, as well as being built to last. This device offers up enough power and storage space for those who need it while also coming in at a low weight of just two pounds (so you can carry it around without worrying about straining yourself). Just make sure you have the funds required. This is not a gadget that comes cheap!

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The ergonomic design paired with wireless connectivity makes this mouse easy on any employee’s hands and wrists no matter how long they use their computer or tablet. Keep them comfortable by giving them one of these.

Lenovo Yoga Book

This laptop is not only a tablet, but also provides the functionality of a keyboard as well which makes it perfect for those who want to be able to draw and write at the same time with ease! Keep your employees productive with this gadget that can multitask like no other.

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