Make the Most of Your Mobile App: A Guide for Consumers

Modern life is full of technology. You download an app, use it for the first time and stop a week later. Apps are too complicated, they take up too much space on your phone or they cost money with no discernible benefits.There are a lot of mobile app blog which guide the consumers to avoid getting stuck in this vicious cycle. By following these tips, make the most of your mobile app now and in the future. 

Which Version of the App Should You Download?  – Use iTunes to find out which version of the app you need. Most apps do not contain more than a single file, so when you download an app, only the file you need will be stored on your phone, and depending on your current iOS version, only that one will be available for use. Assuming you can find the version you need in iTunes, there should almost always be a free trial version with limited functionality (e.g., no online purchases). Make sure to check the app store for free versions before paying for an upgrade.

What Does This App Cost?  – Most apps will provide you with a clarification of this upfront, but if you do not see it and are unsure whether or not to purchase an upgraded version, start the free version and get a feel for it. If you like the app enough to use it regularly, then pay the nominal fee and support the developers. If you find yourself using it occasionally, don’t buy anything. If you have money to burn and use the app often, pay for an upgrade.

What Does This App Do?  – Before downloading an app, make sure you know exactly what it will do for you. Will it provide you with a new way to communicate? Enhance your social or business life? Solve problems in your life? The best apps are ones that provide something unique and valuable, not those that duplicate an existing utility. The more unique the app, the better its chances of success.

How Much Space Does This App Use on My Phone?  – With limited space on our phones, we need to make sure more things do not eat up valuable storage space. This is why you should see how much space an app will use when you download it. An app that takes up a large amount of storage space is almost always a bad idea. It’s often the apps that take up the least amount of room on your phone that are most precious and having them eat up storage space can put your device in danger. Look for apps that use less than 500 KB of storage per day and limit their number of files.

How Much Does This App Cost?  – You don’t want to purchase an app that won’t benefit you, but sometimes you have to pay to get what you need or want, so be prepared for it. Be especially wary of apps that are free and yet cost money to upgrade. This is especially common with gaming apps. If you like the app, pay for it, but know that you are not getting the full version and will likely have limited functionality.

What Devices Can I Use This App On?  – Downloading an app that only works on your old phone is a bad idea because it limits your ability to use the app when you upgrade to a new phone. Make sure an app can be used on all future phones you purchase or even better, any mobile device capable of running iOS 4.0 or higher and Android 2.2 or higher operating systems.

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