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Noteworthy Features of Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular as mobile technology advances. Mobile games are a great way to have fun while on the go, and many people find it more convenient than going out to play in person. Mobile gaming has become so popular that there are over 2 million apps available for download! With so many options, what separates one game from another? Here are some of the most noteworthy features of mobile games in this mobile gaming blog.

Gameplay should be easy to learn and fast paced. Graphics should be clear and colorful. The game should present an interactive world with interesting characters.

  • Mobile games should be free, or at least have a low entry fee
  • Mobile game developers shouldn’t make the player wait too long before they can start playing
  • Mobile games are best played in short bursts. It is better to play for 15 minutes than an hour and then find that you’re done with your device’s battery!

If there was any feedback on this post, I would like it to include: “I found these features really interesting!” – Jane from Marketing Department”

Possible changes for the blog post:

There are many different ways people use their mobile devices not just while sitting down, but also when they are on the go. Mobile games should be playable with one finger, to allow people’s hands to stay free.

  • I also want more pictures of different devices and what they’re used for!
  • It sounds like you’ve done a lot of research already. Maybe this post needs some visuals?
  • You might need to rethink your format if you want readers who don’t know anything about mobile gaming to find it interesting.
  • Include an introduction sentence that explains what type of game this is (e.g., ‘This post will talk about noteworthy features found in mobile games’)
  • Mobile! They may not all be games, but they are mobile apps
  • I think you should include some examples of different platforms and devices that people can play these games on
  • Include a section about how to get started playing Mobile Games: What do I need?”Be more specific with your content. Mobile gaming can mean many things. What type of game specifically did you find noteworthy features in?
  • Add short clips from YouTube or other videos for an example of gameplay
  • If this post is supposed to have pictures as well as text, where would the best place put them? The introduction sentence? At the end?
  • It sounds like maybe you want readers who don’t know anything about Mobile Gaming to find this post interesting. Mobile gaming can mean many things, so you should include an introduction sentence that explains what type of game this is (e.g., ‘This post will talk about noteworthy features found in Mobile Games’)

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