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The blog post is divided into five sections: News and Stories, Athletes of Today, Technology in Sports, Trends in Society, and Sport’s Impact on Culture.

News and Stories:

A new study shows that children in the U.S., who are more active than ever, have higher levels of self-esteem and feel better about themselves when playing or watching their favorite sport.

Athletes of Today:

There are a lot of different types of athletes in the world, but not all of them will be competing at the same level.

What’s the difference between an amateur and professional athlete? 

The answer is what you might expect: amateurs are not paid for participation, while professionals get a paycheck. But there are other differences as well that may surprise you!

  • Amateurs can only play in events sanctioned by their national governing body or the International Olympic Committee (IOC), while professionals can play in any event they choose.
  • Amateurs are subject to the rules and guidelines of their national governing body, while professionals abide by those set forth by their own organization or league.  

For example, NCAA athletes cannot use social media during the season for fear it will negatively impact recruiting prospects; NBA players have been known to tweet a lot more often than that! 

And there’s no way an athlete could get paid on the side without getting caught thanks to all the anti-corruption regulations put into place over recent years.

Technology in Sports:

The internet and social media have made sports fans more connected than ever, but the increasing dependency on our devices is also affecting athletes who might not be able to enjoy a moment because they’re playing in front of thousands of people.

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the way we watch sports. Viewers can now get 360-degree views of players and fans like never before.

Trends in Society:

Virtual reality and esports are coming to a place near you in the form of new sports bars.

The world’s biggest sporting event is no longer just a game, it has become an economic powerhouse worth billions of dollars and annual marketing revenue that rivals some countries’ GDPs.

Sports Impact on Society:

Athlete activism has been at its most visible over this past year with Colin Kaepernick leading the charge but he isn’t alone as we see more athletes using their voices for change everyday.

Sports have long held special places in our hearts; from promoting health and wellness to bringing people together across culture, gender, race & religion .

A growing number of women are joining the esports world as professional players and, according to a study by Goldman Sachs, they’ll make up half of gamers by 2020.

Virtual reality is also becoming more popular with its applications expanding from gaming into other sectors like healthcare.

The future looks bright for this technology and it might not be too long before we see virtual reality incorporated into public schools around the country.

Sports Impact on Culture:

There was no greater example of sport affecting culture than during Civil rights marches where athletes played an integral role in bringing awareness to injustice across America. 

Historically speaking there have been many ways that sports have changed society through their influence over people who play them or watch them.

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