The New Generation of Mobile Apps: Businesses

Today, The New Generation of Mobile Apps is all the rage. The popularity of this new generation has been fueled by the rise in mobile device use and apps like Uber that are transforming how we do business. The one thing they have in common is a focus on design to create an experience for users that will motivate them to come back again and again including to your company’s app!

  • Step One: Begin With the Right Platform
  • Step Two: Invest In UX Research & Development
  • Step Three: Be Strategic About The Right Design For The Platform
  • Step Four: Add The Best Mobile App Functionality
  • Step Five: Monetize The New Generation of Apps

What This Means for You. The new generation is all about user experience. To create an app that motivates users to come back again and again, it’s important to start with the right platform, invest in UX research & development, be strategic about the design best suited for your company’s mobile apps and add the best functionality monetizing them can help you reach more customers!

Step One: Begin With The Right Platform

The first step is to make sure you have the right platform. Consider which platforms are best suited for your business and what features they provide that will help you reach more customers, like iOS or Android.

Step Two: Invest In UX Research & Development

The second step is investing in User Experience (UX) research and development as well as ensuring a great user experience through design with consistency across all mobile apps tailored specifically for each individual device type. This includes optimizing elements such as navigation, buttons and text so it’s easy to read on small screens without unnecessary scrolling, use of colors that pop off the screen while remaining readable even when zoomed out or resources that are optimized for bandwidth throttling.

The UX research and development should also include developing a strategy on the right design tactics to take up different mobile platforms, such as designing with responsive web app layouts or native apps that focus on user interaction rather than device-specific experience.

Step Three: Be Strategic About The Right Design For The Platform

The third step is being strategic about which platform will work best for your company’s needs by determining what type of content you want to share (text heavy vs multimedia), where you need it delivered (web browser only vs all devices) and how much time can be spent updating content regularly (high interactivity). Consider whether users mostly use smartphones or tablets when they access their phone? Will most people reading this post have a phone or tablet in front of them? The answer is most likely a phone, so it’s important to design for that.

Step Four: Add The Best Mobile App Functionality

The fourth step is adding the best functionality like push notifications and social media integration as well as adding an email newsletter sign-up feature if your company doesn’t have one already. 

Step Five: Monetize The New Generation Of Apps

The fifth and final step is monetizing your mobile app. The new generation of apps are all about giving users what they want when they need it, which means being able to interact with your company through whatever medium (including text messages) from anywhere on any device while receiving up-to-date information without having to go back into the app again! The right monetization strategy will depend on how often you update content, whether or not it’s free and if there are paid features such as a premium version that provides more functionality like ad targeting.

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