The Office Gadgets That Will Make Your Job Easier

Office gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, but the ones that are most important for people to have are those that will make their job easier. Office gadgets can be anything from a printer to a fax machine, but they all serve one purpose making your life as an office worker easier. In this article we’ll discuss some of the best office gadgets out there and how you can use them to improve your day-to-day work life!

Desktop scanner

A desktop scanner is one of the best office gadgets out there for people that need to scan documents into their computer. Office workers can use a desktop scanner when they get sent an invoice, purchase order or other document from another company and want to store it electronically. The process involves scanning in the paper using your digital camera so you don’t have extra paperwork floating around!

External hard drive

An external hard drive is an item that many companies provide at work but not all employees know how to set up properly because it creates a unique challenge: getting access without having physical possession of the device. Here’s what you do: plug in your now formatted USB stick and open My Computer/This PC on Windows; find any connected storage devices and click on the desired storage device. You should get a window pop up asking for your credentials, which are usually admin or username in Office 2007/Office 2010 (the default).

Laser printer

A laser printer is the perfect office gadget if you have to do presentations because it will create professional looking slides with crisp fonts and high quality prints. Laser printers can be expensive but they’re worth every penny when you need something.

An electric pencil sharpener may not sound like much of an office gadget at first glance, but this little item can make a huge difference in how long people go without having to recharge their batteries during work days. Office workers often don’t realize just how many times per day they use their computer mouse until they start to use an electric pencil sharpener.

The Franklin Covey Planner 

You can find this at any Office Max, Staples and Office Depot store. This planner has weekly and monthly calendars, as well as other helpful organizational tools such as an address book. It also comes with a “Family Matters” feature that helps you stay on top of household tasks alongside personal activities like exercise programs or family schedules. Plus it’s so colorful!

Desk phone holder from ErgoMesh

If you’re constantly looking around for your desk phone charger cord then these holders are perfect for organizing them quickly without taking up your time or space. Desk phone holders can be used for any size cord that you have! They are great for offices, kitchens, dorm rooms and more.

Office chairs from Staples

Office Depot is where we buy our office supplies but one of their best perks is the variety of top-quality ergonomic desk chairs they offer. These companies sell a vast array of options with different price points to fit anyone’s needs whether it’s big and cushy or small and economical. You’ll find plenty in between as well!

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