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Noteworthy Features of Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular as mobile technology advances. Mobile games are a great way to have fun while on the go, and many people find it more convenient than going out to play in person. Mobile gaming has become so popular that there are over 2 million apps available for download! With so many options, what separates one game from another? Here are some of the most noteworthy features of mobile games in this mobile gaming blog.

Gameplay should be easy to learn and fast paced. Graphics should be clear and colorful. The game should present an interactive world with interesting characters.

  • Mobile games should be free, or at least have a low entry fee
  • Mobile game developers shouldn’t make the player wait too long before they can start playing
  • Mobile games are best played in short bursts. It is better to play for 15 minutes than an hour and then find that you’re done with your device’s battery!

If there was any feedback on this post, I would like it to include: “I found these features really interesting!” – Jane from Marketing Department”

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  • It sounds like maybe you want readers who don’t know anything about Mobile Gaming to find this post interesting. Mobile gaming can mean many things, so you should include an introduction sentence that explains what type of game this is (e.g., ‘This post will talk about noteworthy features found in Mobile Games’)

The 10 Essential Steps for Building a Mobile App

In this  mobile app blog, we are going to outline the 10 essential steps for building a mobile app.

Step One

The first step is finding a need in your industry and identifying how many people might have that need.

Step Two

The second step is deciding what type of app you want to build and choosing a design on which it will be based.

Step Three

The third point is figuring out what features the app should include so it can solve problems for as many people as possible without being too confusing or overwhelming.

Step Four

The fourth point is picking an appropriate platform and programming language before beginning coding! (For example, Java)

Step Five

The fifth step would be to make sure that your team has a plan for marketing the app before it’s released!

Step Six

The sixth point is figuring out what technology you want to use, like GPS or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Step Seven

The seventh point is figuring out what technology you want to use, like GPS or Bluetooth Low Energy.

Step Eight

The eighth step is testing all of the functions in beta mode with small groups of users before rolling them out widely.

Step Nine

The ninth point would be choosing which companies are going to distribute your product (or build on top of it).

Step Ten

The tenth and final essential guideline for building a mobile app: don’t forget about analytics so you can optimize every aspect of your business. The post ends here!

The Requirements and The App Development Process

In order to build a mobile app, you will need an idea of what the project entails. You may find it helpful to start by drawing out your initial ideas on paper or in a document on the computer. This draft is not meant as final product but rather it can be useful for providing direction while working with developers who know how to turn those concepts into reality using software such as Visual Studio Mobile Express which allows you to create cross-platform apps like iOS and Android natively from within the IDE!

Some questions that should be asked include: 

What are we building? Who is our audience? How often do they use this app? Do they want push notifications every day or once a week? The answers to these questions can help you decide the type of app.

The most important step in building your very own mobile application is figuring out what features it should have. The more features, the more complex, and potentially confusing or overwhelming for users! The goal is to create something that solves problems without being too difficult to use or understand from the get-go.

Once an idea has been solidified on paper, it’s time to move into development mode where developers will turn those ideas into reality using software such as Visual Studio Mobile Express which allows you to create cross-platform apps like iOS and Android natively from within the IDE! There are many platforms available including Java and Swift but choose wisely because this decision


10 Useful Blog Tools for Writers

Everyone knows that blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and expertise with the world. Blogging can also be very time consuming without 10 useful blog tools for writers! This post provides 10 blog gadgets, including new features from Google Drive, WordPress, and Buffer to help you write content more efficiently.

Of course, the 10 tools are:

  • Google Drive
  • WordPress
  • Buffer
  • Evernote Scannable (for content research)
  • Grammarly Premium (to edit your blog posts)
  • Huxley Writing Software (to organize and plan articles 10x faster!)
  • Quip (or a comparable writing app to collaborate with others on your content efficiently)
  • or Adobe Spark Design CC

apps for making visually appealing images/infographics that will entice readers to click through on links in the post; Boomerang Calendar Lite as a reminder of important deadlines and Nozbe for keeping track of all tasks at hand.

I) Tool # 1: Huxley Writing Software

Huxley is a 10x faster tool for organizing and planning articles. The app has two modes, the “Planning” mode to organize your content in an outline structure with just one click of a button or “Storyboarding” to flesh out ideas as you go (which can be synced via Dropbox). You can also use it without ever leaving WordPress!

II) Tool # 2: Quip or a Comparable Writing App 

Quip is an easy way to collaborate with your team. You can save drafts in the app and everyone will be able to edit them simultaneously without having to worry about overwriting each other’s work. It also allows you to comment on all revisions which makes it very efficient! The best part of using this tool? There’s no need for file sharing because everything stays within one unified platform

III) Tool # 3: Boomerang Calendar Lite 

Boomerang Calendar Lite is a 10-minute project that you can use to remind yourself of important deadlines. The app will send notifications for the day and time your event starts, as well as reminders before it’s about to happen so you don’t forget! It also has clever features like repeating events or sending alerts when an event overlaps with another (such as two different TV shows on different channels). Nozbe offers users a way to keep track of all tasks at hand via email, calendar integration, task management software or mobile apps plus integrations with Dropbox and Slack.

IV) Tool #4 : or Adobe Spark Design CC

Canva provides powerful design tools for making visually appealing images/infographics for your blog post. You can drag and drop images from Google or search for them on the web, add text to it, customize different aspects of the image such as color and font styles (or even change a background) and download/export it with just one click! Adobe Spark Design CC is an alternative option that comes with 10 templates preloaded plus other fonts, shapes, patterns etc., which makes content creation 10x faster experimenting with different designs before choosing what you like best!


The Office Gadgets That Will Make Your Job Easier

Office gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, but the ones that are most important for people to have are those that will make their job easier. Office gadgets can be anything from a printer to a fax machine, but they all serve one purpose making your life as an office worker easier. In this article we’ll discuss some of the best office gadgets out there and how you can use them to improve your day-to-day work life!

Desktop scanner

A desktop scanner is one of the best office gadgets out there for people that need to scan documents into their computer. Office workers can use a desktop scanner when they get sent an invoice, purchase order or other document from another company and want to store it electronically. The process involves scanning in the paper using your digital camera so you don’t have extra paperwork floating around!

External hard drive

An external hard drive is an item that many companies provide at work but not all employees know how to set up properly because it creates a unique challenge: getting access without having physical possession of the device. Here’s what you do: plug in your now formatted USB stick and open My Computer/This PC on Windows; find any connected storage devices and click on the desired storage device. You should get a window pop up asking for your credentials, which are usually admin or username in Office 2007/Office 2010 (the default).

Laser printer

A laser printer is the perfect office gadget if you have to do presentations because it will create professional looking slides with crisp fonts and high quality prints. Laser printers can be expensive but they’re worth every penny when you need something.

An electric pencil sharpener may not sound like much of an office gadget at first glance, but this little item can make a huge difference in how long people go without having to recharge their batteries during work days. Office workers often don’t realize just how many times per day they use their computer mouse until they start to use an electric pencil sharpener.

The Franklin Covey Planner 

You can find this at any Office Max, Staples and Office Depot store. This planner has weekly and monthly calendars, as well as other helpful organizational tools such as an address book. It also comes with a “Family Matters” feature that helps you stay on top of household tasks alongside personal activities like exercise programs or family schedules. Plus it’s so colorful!

Desk phone holder from ErgoMesh

If you’re constantly looking around for your desk phone charger cord then these holders are perfect for organizing them quickly without taking up your time or space. Desk phone holders can be used for any size cord that you have! They are great for offices, kitchens, dorm rooms and more.

Office chairs from Staples

Office Depot is where we buy our office supplies but one of their best perks is the variety of top-quality ergonomic desk chairs they offer. These companies sell a vast array of options with different price points to fit anyone’s needs whether it’s big and cushy or small and economical. You’ll find plenty in between as well!

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The New Generation of Mobile Apps: Businesses

Today, The New Generation of Mobile Apps is all the rage. The popularity of this new generation has been fueled by the rise in mobile device use and apps like Uber that are transforming how we do business. The one thing they have in common is a focus on design to create an experience for users that will motivate them to come back again and again including to your company’s app!

  • Step One: Begin With the Right Platform
  • Step Two: Invest In UX Research & Development
  • Step Three: Be Strategic About The Right Design For The Platform
  • Step Four: Add The Best Mobile App Functionality
  • Step Five: Monetize The New Generation of Apps

What This Means for You. The new generation is all about user experience. To create an app that motivates users to come back again and again, it’s important to start with the right platform, invest in UX research & development, be strategic about the design best suited for your company’s mobile apps and add the best functionality monetizing them can help you reach more customers!

Step One: Begin With The Right Platform

The first step is to make sure you have the right platform. Consider which platforms are best suited for your business and what features they provide that will help you reach more customers, like iOS or Android.

Step Two: Invest In UX Research & Development

The second step is investing in User Experience (UX) research and development as well as ensuring a great user experience through design with consistency across all mobile apps tailored specifically for each individual device type. This includes optimizing elements such as navigation, buttons and text so it’s easy to read on small screens without unnecessary scrolling, use of colors that pop off the screen while remaining readable even when zoomed out or resources that are optimized for bandwidth throttling.

The UX research and development should also include developing a strategy on the right design tactics to take up different mobile platforms, such as designing with responsive web app layouts or native apps that focus on user interaction rather than device-specific experience.

Step Three: Be Strategic About The Right Design For The Platform

The third step is being strategic about which platform will work best for your company’s needs by determining what type of content you want to share (text heavy vs multimedia), where you need it delivered (web browser only vs all devices) and how much time can be spent updating content regularly (high interactivity). Consider whether users mostly use smartphones or tablets when they access their phone? Will most people reading this post have a phone or tablet in front of them? The answer is most likely a phone, so it’s important to design for that.

Step Four: Add The Best Mobile App Functionality

The fourth step is adding the best functionality like push notifications and social media integration as well as adding an email newsletter sign-up feature if your company doesn’t have one already. 

Step Five: Monetize The New Generation Of Apps

The fifth and final step is monetizing your mobile app. The new generation of apps are all about giving users what they want when they need it, which means being able to interact with your company through whatever medium (including text messages) from anywhere on any device while receiving up-to-date information without having to go back into the app again! The right monetization strategy will depend on how often you update content, whether or not it’s free and if there are paid features such as a premium version that provides more functionality like ad targeting.

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Keep Your Employees Productive with the Latest Gadgets

Productivity can be a tough thing to maintain. For employees that work from home or in the office, it’s hard to stay on task and avoid distractions. Keep your employees productive with these gadgets! For more information, click

Microsoft Surface Pro

This tablet computer has an Intel Core i series processor for processing power, as well as a high resolution 12″ display screen which makes working easier due to its larger workspace area when compared to other tablets. The pen input paired with this device also provides excellent precision while drawing up plans and taking notes, making it perfect for business meetings where you need the best tools at hand. And because of Windows operating system compatibility across different devices (phones, laptops), documents are always available no matter what type of gadget is used.


Keep track of your fitness and health data on the go with this sleek band that tracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled, flights of stairs climbed (and more). The app can be used to share progress through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter if you want others in your network to know how well you’re doing! With a variety of different colors available as well as affordable models at an array of price points from low cost ($79) all the way up to high end ($250), there is something for everyone here.

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad

This wireless charging mat provides fast charge speeds so even those who use their phone frequently won’t have any worries about running out of battery. Keep your employees productive with these gadgets!

Google Home

This device is a speaker that can answer questions, tell you the weather forecast, set alarms and timers, manage music playback on any of your devices in addition to providing personalized updates about things like news headlines and daily activities. It’ll also work as an alarm clock or kitchen timer when it’s plugged into power outlets perfect for those who need reminders from time to time!

Spiderpodium Tablet Stand

For those whose desk space looks more cluttered than clean, this stand provides their tablet computer somewhere sturdy to sit while they type away at their keyboard so important documents don’t get disturbed by anything else on the table. The range of products available here (from low cost to high end) provides a great way for your employees to find the perfect fit!

11″ MacBook Air

Keep your employees productive with this lightweight laptop that has an excellent portability factor, as well as being built to last. This device offers up enough power and storage space for those who need it while also coming in at a low weight of just two pounds (so you can carry it around without worrying about straining yourself). Just make sure you have the funds required. This is not a gadget that comes cheap!

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The ergonomic design paired with wireless connectivity makes this mouse easy on any employee’s hands and wrists no matter how long they use their computer or tablet. Keep them comfortable by giving them one of these.

Lenovo Yoga Book

This laptop is not only a tablet, but also provides the functionality of a keyboard as well which makes it perfect for those who want to be able to draw and write at the same time with ease! Keep your employees productive with this gadget that can multitask like no other.


10 Gadgets for CEOs on the Go:

Get Productive and Multitask!

CEOs are busy people. They have to travel, brainstorm with employees and customers, and manage the day-to-day operations of their company. As a result, they need gadgets that will help them stay productive when they’re on the go! This is an article that lists 10 innovative gadgets designed specifically for business executives who want to remain productive no matter where in the world they are. These 10 products given by Rfonexus cover a wide range of functions including laptop accessories, mobile tech gear, scanners, organizers and more!

The 10 gadgets include a wireless computer mouse, laptop sleeve with USB port, mobile storage drive case, etc. They are both helpful to have as well as stylish to use in professional settings. In addition, this article includes resources that provide links to each of these products so that professionals can find out more about them before making any purchases. It’s also an opportunity for readers who want or need one of these devices themselves but don’t know where they would be able to purchase it from. This is just another way to help busy business executives stay sane and productive in today’s fast-paced world.

  • Mobile Tech Gadgets
  • Laptop Accessories
  • Scanner and Organizer
  • Portable Storage Devices
  • Social Media Tools for Businesses
  • Productivity Apps

Some gadgets for CEOs on the go are:

Wireless mouse

A wireless computer mouse that is compatible with Mac and PC computers so they can use it in any setting.

Laptop Accessories

A laptop sleeve with a USB port to charge their mobile devices while traveling without taking up room in their bag. This also makes it easier to pack because one less charger fits into the luggage!


The ScanSnap S1500M, an all-in-one document scanner for scanning both paper documents like receipts or business cards as well as digital files from a flash drive or memory card at lightning speed. For those who need access to large quantities of information, this device will be indispensable! It even has optical character recognition software built right in which means they don’t have to key in any data that they scanned.

A mobile storage drive case which is a great way to store 10 of these gadgets in one container. These devices can also be used as an external hard drive when plugging it into any computer, so business professionals will never have to worry about their files being lost again!

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad Air with Retina display for those who need the ultimate tablet experience on the go. This device has over 10 million apps available for it and works seamlessly with other Apple products like iPhones or Mac computers. It’s perfect for video conferences while traveling because they can use Facetime on this gadget too! It’s even waterproof, which means they don’t have to worry if this falls out of their hands during travel either.

10″ touchscreen display device 

An organizer with a 10″ touchscreen display and 10GB of memory so busy executives can store documents, presentations, files, photos or videos on it for easy access when traveling. This device also has the ability to print wirelessly from anywhere within range! It could come in handy if someone wants to make sure their meeting notes are printed out before heading into an important boardroom discussion.

We hope these 10 gadgets for CEOs on the go have helped you find what you’re looking for. If not, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


Quality Blogging Apps for Every Device

Smartphones and tablets are great for reading blogs, but they don’t always have the functionality that you need to create a blog post. Thankfully, there are several quality blogging apps on the market today that will let you write posts from any device. Rfonexus have compiled this list of our favorite blogging apps so that you can pick one that matches your needs and get started right away!

This post is a quality article that will be of interest to readers who are looking for apps that allow them to write blogs from any device, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet with limited functionality or even an old computer without Microsoft Word installed on it. It covers many popular blogging platforms and has screenshots so you can see how they work before downloading one!

Quality Blog Publishing

This article was created by Quality Blog Publishing Inc., which publishes high-quality content every day for their clients’ websites across all industries. In our experience as digital marketers, we know what kind of posts attract the most attention from readers. Quality Blog Publishing Inc.’s posts are created in-house by our writing and editing team, meaning you get a post that is tailored to your company’s needs without having to wait weeks for an article writer!

Key Tips

Quality blog writing apps for every device are available from many different companies, and they all have their own set of exclusive features. Some will let you post to your blog automatically when a new article is published on the app while others allow users to upload images directly onto blogs through the iPad!

Quality Blog Publishing Inc.’s clients can choose packages that give them access to monthly content or engage our team as consultants who work with company employees in order to create quality posts written specifically for their site’s audience needs!

Attract readers’ attention 

Every day we publish a variety of quality content on multiple platforms. As digital marketers, we know what kind of articles attract readers’ attention and ours measure up to some pretty high standards! If you’re looking for more information about how we can help your company with its online marketing needs or want us to write an article just for your site’s audience, contact us today at !

For example, if you’re an iPhone user, there are blogging apps such as Blogsy that let you post text and photos with ease on your phone’s screen or iPad. This app even lets you research topics from within its interface and add them to a new entry while writing posts in real time! It also has features like auto-saving drafts so they never get lost again.

If iOS isn’t your thing, there are plenty of quality blogging apps available for Android devices too! One popular option is WordPress Mobile App which offers full functionality from anywhere at any time without having to go through complicated steps each time (since it uses WIFI). Plus this mobile app even has a direct link to the WordPress website and will import any blog posts you’ve already published there!


Top 5 Mobile Blog Apps: Use for Your Next Post

In today’s world, more and more people are going mobile. In fact, around 60% of internet users now use a mobile device to access the web at least occasionally according to comScore. As a blogger or content creator, you need to be aware of how this new reality affects your potential audience and plan accordingly. In this blog post, Rfonexus will review five top blogging apps for mobile devices that can help you get your message out quickly and easily!

Mobile blogging

Mobile blogging is becoming popular as more bloggers are using their phones to create content. There are many mobile apps available that make it easier to write posts, save drafts and schedule publication dates so you never miss a post again! 

Typecast let’s bloggers type in text into templates from various blog platforms like WordPress, Tumblr and Squarespace. It converts typing into interactive graphics with fonts, color schemes and buttons automatically included in the design. You can also add animations by recording your own voiceover narration through the accompanying microphone. The best part? Once created, blogs can be shared across all social platforms with one click.

For those that want something simple yet extremely powerful like WordPress, this blog offers everything needed including posting content and pages within seconds without having to install additional software or plug-ins onto your device. Top bloggers love using WordPress because of its ease of use and functionality so don’t miss out by choosing another mobile blogging app!


Hootsuite is an all in one solution with multiple features including scheduling posts on Facebook pages or groups as well as managing Twitter lists while publishing from anywhere via their iPhone app.


Tumblr is a blogging platform that lets you make an account, write posts, and update your followers all from the app within seconds. It also integrates with Facebook to help spread content across multiple platforms at once! The Google+ mobile app offers easy access to notifications when someone comments on one of your posts or shares it via their social network accounts so there’s no need for reading mail in order to know what’s going on.

One drawback though is that Tumblr doesn’t support any kind of HTML formatting which can be troublesome if photos aren’t uploaded properly.


This app lets you post a new article by just touching your phone’s screen with two fingers at once, pretty cool stuff! There are plenty more options though if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for; check out all five of them listed here today!


WordPress (free) has all the features needed for blogging including publishing posts and pages with just a few taps on screen which makes life much easier than using other apps like Evernote. And if you want even more functionality, there are lots of free plugins available on Google Play where you can customize your blog.

Top bloggers invest enormous amounts of time and money into their blogs, so they need an easy to use tool that will help them increase traffic in order to grow their business. If you’re looking for new ways to market your products or services then it’s important to find the right tools from day one.”