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11 Travel Blog Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for some blog ideas? Well, look no more! In this post, we will go over 11 different ways that entrepreneurs can start blogging about travel. From packing lists to destinations and everything in between, these 11 travel blog ideas will provide a great starting point for your next post!

What to Pack:

Traveling and running a business can be tricky. You want to make sure you have everything that your company needs, but what about when it’s time to pack? Here are some great packing lists as well as essential items that every entrepreneur should take with them on the road!

You know how important it is to create an itinerary before traveling abroad, right? But sometimes this just isn’t enough. You also need a comprehensive list of necessities so you don’t forget anything or end up lugging around tons of stuff in your suitcase. 

What is your favorite destination? Why?:

Traveling can be even better when you learn about the country or city you are visiting. What’s unique about it? What does it have that other places might not? How do local people live their lives day-to-day? Understanding a new culture is one of the best reasons why travel should always be combined with education. Here are 11 different destinations to start thinking about:

  • Hong Kong
  • Istanbul
  • Berlin 
  • Dublin
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Vietnam
  • Paris, France
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Montenegro and Croatia (Split)
  • Guatemala
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland

The 11 different destinations, which range from popular places like Paris to less traveled countries such as Montenegro and Croatia (Split), offer a variety of experiences for entrepreneurs. With so many travel blog ideas to choose from  you can’t go wrong!

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is full of life and energy that will keep the most diehard entrepreneur going. One thing you might not know about HK are their open markets where locals sell everything from dried fish to live chickens. You’ll never be bored here!


Istanbul has been an important trade city since it was founded in 660 BC by Greeks who were trading with people in Egypt and Mesopotamia. The culture is rich with history and there are so many things to see.


Berlin is a great destination for entrepreneurs who like history, as the city was split during the Cold War in two halves  East Berlin (Soviet controlled) and West Berlin (allied). Today it is becoming more centered around entrepreneurship with its startup culture getting bigger every day.

Paris, France:

In one word, why should you visit? Well aside from being one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, this beautiful bustling city has plenty of opportunities for enrichment! There are museums galore here including the Louvre which houses artwork by Monet, Da Vinci, Van Gogh etc. You’ll never be bored or want to leave when visiting such an enriching cultural experience!


Dublin is a city that has been transformed by the internet. It’s now one of the most popular destinations for online entrepreneurs as well as visitors who want to explore culture, music, and art in Ireland.

Lagos, Nigeria:

Lagos isn’t just Africa’s fastest growing economic hub  it also happens to be home to 11 million people! If you are looking for an adventure packed with local culture then this bustling city will not disappoint.


Vietnam offers so much opportunity whether it comes to business or sightseeing on your next trip abroad. There are great beaches and wonderful food options here plus many travelers have said they had some of their best times while visiting Vietnam!

Travel Ideas

The Power of Blogging:

How To Travel The World And Work From Anywhere

It’s not a coincidence that so many bloggers around the world make their living from blogging. Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to make money online because it is an efficient way to build your brand, network with other people, and share your stories with an audience. In this blog post I’ll show you how you can start travel blogging today and work from anywhere in the world!

  • how to Find a Niche and Monetize Your Content
  • how to travel blog
  • how To Make Money From Ads, Sponsorships, or Affiliates
  • how To Set Up WordPress And Get Started With Blogging


What is blogging? How does it work?

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to make money online because it is an efficient way to build your brand, network with other people, and share your stories with an audience. In this blog post I’ll show you how you can start travel blogging today and work from anywhere in the world!

How to start a travel blog today?

Find your niche.  What topics do you know about that might be interesting for other people as well? What are things in the world around us that inspire you? Or what is something new on your radar screen at present time? You may have been interested in starting a travel blog because of all the amazing opportunities out there right now  but where will this lead you next year when everything has changed again? How many of these opportunities will remain relevant in a year?

How To Make Money From Ads, Sponsorships, or Affiliates?

If you are interested in advertising on your blog for revenue then setting this up can be done through Google Adwords. You’ll need to get a credit card set up with them and create an account where they will take care of all the billing but from there it’s easy because you just pick what type of ad you want (text only or image banner) and add the code that was generated by WordPress when we first set it all up.

How To Make Money With Blogging Through Affiliate Marketing:

This is one way bloggers make money online by promoting products or services offered by other companies and being compensated if someone buys them as a result of clicking on their link.

How To Make Money With Blogging Through Sponsorships:

If you are interested in becoming a travel blogger with sponsors then it is very important to know the best way to approach them and what they may be looking for before sending an email or making that call!

How to set up WordPress?

It’s time now to start setting all this up by first installing WordPress on your hosting account, which should have been purchased when we got our domain name set up. Once installed just install the theme of choice  I recommend using Woo (which can be downloaded from here) as well as any plugins needed for functionality such as Google Analytics, Yoast SEO plug-in and Akismet anti-spam plugin. The next step is to go in and edit the WordPress settings by going into Dashboard, then Settings, General.

Travel Ideas

Talk to the World: The Ultimate Guide on How You Can Start a Travel Blog

If you want to start a travel blog, then this guide will help you get started. It’s full of tips and tricks that will help you create the perfect blog for your journey.

You can use these strategies to build community around your content and grow an audience from scratch.

We’ll also go over how to monetize your site so it can become a profitable business!

  • When you’re ready to publish, make sure that your blog has a catchy title.
  • Use keywords in the post titles and meta descriptions so people can find your posts easier. Include them in the first paragraph of the content as well for SEO purposes.
  • Add links to related resources or articles at least once per article  this will give readers more information about what they are reading and encourage them to read on!
  • Share with influencers by reaching out using tools like Twitter Direct Messages (DMs), emails, or LinkedIn connections. 

You can also attend events where these types of professionals hangout such as conferences or networking mixers. 

  • Build relationships with other bloggers who have similar audiences as yours; ask if they would be willing to do a guest post and share it with their audience.
  • If you’re interested in monetizing your blog, then there are many ways that can help you make money including ads on the site, affiliate marketing programs or sponsored posts.
  • If you’re interested in making your blog more professional, then consider investing some money into a design upgrade that will help with conversion rates and SEO.
  • If you want to get more eyes on your blog, then promote it where people are already spending their time. This includes social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or sharing with other bloggers in the same niche as yours.
  • For those who are interested in becoming a full time blogger, you can use your blog as the foundation for creating an online business that will be profitable.
  • Decide on what type of website builder to use there are many different options such as using WordPress, Wix or Squarespace.
  • Secure hosting and domain name so people across the world can visit it from any device with internet access.
  • Pick a theme (if you’re using WordPress) then customize the colors and layout to match your brand identity. You also want to make sure that everything is easy to read by optimizing font size, line spacing and paragraph length based on how much content is included in each post or page.
  • Write a bio and include links to your social media accounts. Consider including what you hope people will get from following or reading your blog as well so readers know what they’re signing up for!
  • Make sure to upload images and videos onto your site.
  • You’ll want to create a simple “about me” page where you share more about yourself; this is useful for readers who are interested in following along on the journey with you!
  • Setup an email newsletter so people can subscribe and receive messages from your blog, access exclusive content or learn about discounts for services like online courses. 
  • Readers will also appreciate being able to unsubscribe easily at any time if they no longer wish to hear from you!
  • Make it easy for readers by providing social media buttons that link back to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This way they don’t have to take extra steps themselves and click around just copy+paste into your post.
  • Be consistent with posting – it’s important in getting traction on the site.
  • Lastly, make sure to stay consistent with your content. Posting at least one article per week will help build a loyal readership and keep them coming back for more!

Get started today with these helpful tips and tricks for how you can start a travel blog,And watch success come your way.Hope you liked this blog. Also don’t forget to check out our how to travel blog, it will be helpful too.

Travel Ideas

Show Your Travel Side! The Best Travel Blogs of 2021

As we approach 2020, it’s time to start thinking about what your travel blog will look like in 2021.

If you’re not taking the initiative now, then you’ll be left behind as other bloggers gain more traction in this space. There are many ways that you can stand out and attract new readers.

In this article, I share 12 of my favorite blogs from around the world that have a travel-focused audience!

Adam’s World Travel Blog – This blogger has been traveling around the world for four years now, and his blog is filled with amazing photos from all of the places he’s been.

The World According to Us – This blogger offers a unique perspective on travel, which I love!

Virtual Nomad Bloggers – These are two bloggers that have decided to take their digital nomadic lifestyle to another level by moving abroad. If you’re feeling adventurous, then this blog might be for you!

Wanderluster – This is a very popular travel blog, and it’s easy to see why. The blogger behind this site has been traveling for over four years and his posts are always so interesting!

Traveler on the Road – I absolutely love this blog because of how well they show all sides of their trip through pictures. Even if you can’t afford expensive trips, these photos will make you feel like you’re there with them!

Diary of a Female Nomad – If you want some more variety in your life then consider becoming a female nomad, as that might be an option for women who don’t have children yet or careers back home. 

These ladies share everything about their journeys from packing tips to cultural insights which makes me want to travel more!

Nomad Freedom – This is a blog that will make you want to do it all, from living abroad to traveling the world.

Travel for Wider Knowledge – If there’s one thing I love about this site, it’s how diverse their content is. They’re not just writing about themselves or their own travels; they also share articles with a different perspective on what travel means.

Travels of an Airborne Geologist – You’ll learn so much by following these geologists around as they study our planet and its geological features! It’s fascinating stuff, and their photos are great too!

The World Wanderer Blogs: Alyssa & Alexi (Hike Your Own Hike) – These two travel bloggers have a great relationship, and it’s always so enjoyable to see them share their adventures with each other.

Traveler Diary Blogs: Take Me There Now! (Take me there now!)

Niyama Travels – If you’re looking for some more yoga inspiration then this is your blog!

The travel industry is always changing, and the best blogs for travelers are constantly evolving with it. In the future, we can expect to see more travel blogs that are interactive and provide a deeper understanding of culture.

This is it for the list of the best blogs from around the world. Hope you liked this blog. For more such blogs stay tuned. Don’t forget to check our best travel blog 2021.

Travel Ideas

10 Rules for Making a Travel Blog

If you have ever thought about starting a travel blog, then this post is for you! 

A lot of people are turning to blogging as an online business these days. There is no better time than now to start your own travel blog and make money while traveling the world. 

In this post, we will cover 10 rules that I have learned from my experience with creating a successful travel blog.

Rule 01: Be yourself!

Rule 02: Make sure you have a central theme. 

The blog should be about one specific topic in this case, travel blogs. If your blog is all over the place or has multiple themes, readers will get confused and might not know what to expect from reading it. It’s better to be specific about your blog’s main topic.

Rule 03: Include social media links 

And share buttons on the page so readers can easily follow you! This will help people stay up-to-date with what is going on in your world. Plus, it gives them another way to find out more about our products if they are interested in buying something from you like a clothing line or accessories for travel.

Rule 04: Share photos of yourself 

Not just pictures of destinations around the world that have nothing to do with who you are as an individual blogger. 

Your followers want to know how YOU live when traveling and where YOUR favorite spots are located (consider this rule a second time). It helps build trust between bloggers and their followers.

Rule 05: Be specific with your content 

Don’t just post a bunch of photos without any information about where they are from or what you did when you were there. People might like to know more about the places they’re seeing in these images! 

It will also help build trust if readers think that this is as much for them as it is for you, so provide some detail around the image.

Rule 06: Blog often and consistently. 

This helps establish an online presence which can lead to new opportunities such as getting asked to write articles on other websites because they saw your blog posts being published (here’s another rule!). 

You want to create enough content on your own site so that others see how competent you are and that you are a reliable source of information.

Rule 07: Share personal stories 

Be transparent about your life and don’t just blog for the sake of blogging if it doesn’t come naturally to you! 

People enjoy reading blogs when there is an emotional component to them and they feel like they can relate or learn something from what is being shared. 

Rule 08: Offer giveaways related to your blog’s main topic 

So that people feel like they are getting something in return for following you. You can do this by giving away a trip to the destination of their choice, or even just a fun t-shirt with travel quotes on them!

This will also get readers more involved and invested in reading posts (or at least give them some pretty awesome freebies).

Rule 09: Don’t forget about SEO! 

It should go without saying but search for your blog’s main topic.

Rule 10: HAVE FUN!

Get started today with these helpful rules for making a travel blog,and watch success come your way. Hope you liked this blog. Also don’t forget to check out how to travel blog, it will be helpful too.

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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Blogger – Your Own Business

It’s no secret that we live in a globalized world. Our media is always showing us what’s happening somewhere else and social media connects us to people of all backgrounds and cultures with just a click or two. And while dividing our time between homes in different countries might seem like too much, it doesn’t have to be.

How to travel blog?

Between sites like Airbnb and the internet, it’s easier than ever for people to work remotely from anywhere they want. Unless you’re a high-profile celebrity with countless interviews and events on your schedule, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make this switch as well.

People are doing it all over the world, and while your home base may not be quite where you want it to be, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel for a living. In fact, the best way to get to where you need to be is by staying mobile and building your business from anywhere but home.

So if this is something that interests you, here are a few tips on establishing yourself as a traveling blogger or freelancer.

Why travel blogger?

If you’re looking to start traveling full-time, it’s probably because something is holding you back from doing this. Maybe you don’t want to leave your family and kids behind for years on end and instead make the transition between home and work easier. Or maybe you’re just too busy as it is. Whatever your reason, we understand that it can be tempting to think about packing up and leaving the regular world behind for good. However, this process requires a lot of effort and time before you see any real results. Instead of just giving up, we recommend that you start small and work on your new lifestyle gradually.

And while it’s easy to think about travel bloggers as a “side hustle,” this is more than just a fun way to make some extra cash. Whether you realize it or not, blogging is a skill that you can leverage in other areas as well. Unlike other forms of employment, blogging gives you the freedom to do things your own way. This means that, unlike traditional jobs, you can make enough money to sustain yourself without having the security of an office job or hourly paychecks. And because you’re working on your own terms and schedule, there’s no real danger of becoming too reliant on this income.

You can also use blogging to be more connected to the people around you. Being a part of the blogging community, you’ll gain access to a whole new network of people and resources. You may not realize it right away, but because the web is such a small world, this can have a huge impact on your life in the long run.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or a place to do your research, there’s no shortage of information out there at your disposal. Blogging has all kinds of uses and offers many benefits that other jobs don’t.

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4 Travel Blog Ideas: Every Travelers Dream

For those who find themselves in the backcountry for the most part of their lives, having a blog is a great way to find out more information on all sorts of things associated with your hobbies. However, travel blogs are also a great way to share your experiences and get insight into other cultures and lifestyles. If you love adventurous things, you should start a blog!

Bloggers are always looking for new and exciting ways to write about a topic that is near and dear to their hearts. The problem is, there are so many amazing topics out there that it can be hard to narrow it down. If you’re a travel blogger in need of some inspiration then this article is for you! 

Who doesn’t love a good travel blog? They can provide an incredible source of inspiration for your next getaway, while also giving you a ton of helpful ideas on where to go. However, with so many travel blogs out there, it can be hard to pick the right one! 

Travel blogs can be an exciting way to share your love of the outdoors with people from all walks of life. If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog but weren’t sure which topic to go with, then you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the different topics out there and helping you choose what’s right for you. That’s why we put together this list of four awesome travel blog ideas for anyone who likes to travel.

1) Plan a Workcation: For those who want the benefits of going abroad but don’t have the time or budget, plan your next vacation at home. Whether it’s a move to a new city for a job or simply a staycation at the beach, planning your next vacation close to home will not only save you money, but is just as exciting. You’ll get to explore new and different restaurants, bars and shops while getting to know the area around you. The best part of planning a workcation is that you don’t have to miss out on valuable time at work.

2) Get Inspired: The internet is loaded with links about all kinds of travel, including blogs and other resources about destination websites, blogs and sites. Use this as an opportunity to get inspired for some ideas for your next blog post.

3) Make a Bucket List: If you’re working toward a goal of traveling, start by creating a list of what you want to see and do in your lifetime. By compiling everything from specific places to visit and activities you want to try into one list, you are less likely to be disappointed when it comes time to actually make the trip happen.

4) Comment on Other Travel Blogs: A simple method of commenting on the blog of your choice is to simply google them and use the search feature. This will likely bring up a blog that you can follow and comment on. Once you have found out what topics they cover, add your blog link in the comment section. Not only will you get a new following, but you can learn from their experience as well.